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May 30, 2024 - 鶹ýӳ’s Center for Excellence and Teaching Innovation (CETI) is leading the way in integrating artificial intelligence into higher education by hosting a series of three-day Artificial Intelligence Institutes during the summer semester.

Led by Dr. Denice Robertson, CETI created the program for higher education faculty at both 鶹ýӳ and universities across the region. The institute’s mission is to empower professors with the skills to incorporate AI into their curriculum and to equip students with the knowledge to use AI responsibly. The virtual sessions cover a multitude of topics including reframing how to teach in the realm of AI, incorporating AI into curriculum in a meaningful way, testing various AI tools and prompts and developing assignments.

CETI’s goal for the series is to spearhead the integration of AI into academia by actively involving professors in the movement towards an AI-fluent future in education, and influence the direction of AI ethics and application. The institute allows faculty to delve into the fundamentals of AI, explore advanced teaching methodologies and engage in hands-on activities aimed at optimizing student learning outcomes. The forward-thinking program also discusses ways to ethically incorporate AI into exercises to ensure students are sent into the workforce as skilled and responsible AI users.

The response to CETI’s initiative has been overwhelming, with more than 110 鶹ýӳ faculty members enrolled in recent sessions alongside an additional 76 participants from across the Greater Cincinnati area. The institutes started as an eight-week program during the spring semester, which leaders in education found so beneficial that the demand for more sessions grew exponentially. This surge in interest underscores the pressing need for AI literacy in academia, and 鶹ýӳ is leading the charge.

For more information about CETI’s AI Institute and initiatives, email ceti@nku.edu.

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